Meet the Team!

Who are the Alpha Knights?

The Alpha Knights are California's San Marcos High School robotics team. We're on our way to our 4th year competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition and we're excited to showcase our ingenuity and dexterity. With the help from technological companies, we build our robot to perform various maneuvers to accomplish a certain task. The Alpha Knights has recently competed in state competitions and partaken in the international competition in Houston, Texas. 

What's our mission​?

We, Alpha Knights, strive to utilize cooperation, innovation, ingenuity, and intellectuality into one cohesive team to grow as the future generation of builders. Our passion for robotics has cultivated our excitement and enthusiasm for engineering, as many of our students will soon be prospective workers in STEM fields. To inspire, encourage, and stimulate fellow students of San Marcos is our aim to do for our community. Ultimately, we aspire to reflect original creativity and bring these designs to life for the future team of San Marcos High School.



Engineering Team

Software Team


Business Team

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