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Double Peak Fun in the Sun

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Our local district school, Double Peak K-8, kindly offered the Alpha Knights to teach elementary and middle schoolers all about First Robotics Competition.

In the first room, the engineer team introduced the kids to the NAO robot. It's an interactive humanoid robot with the capability of adapting to its environment around him. He's able to see, feel, listen, and connect to the eager students around it...

In the other room, the kids got to meet the First Crusader. It is the robot that was made from scratch by the Alpha Knights and competed in FRC. We told the students as much as we could about the exciting things of robotics and what it's like to compete nationally. Then Drive team drove the bot across the carpet of the classroom to show exactly how fast it can go and all the things that it can do.

Here is a short video capturing the faces of our future Alpha Knights as they meet the First Crusader. Enjoy.

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