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Powering Up at Kick Off

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Our first week of FRC consisted of the Kickoff, dissection of the game manual, and planning the build of our robot.

There was one last week of winter break, so, we spent our last sweet days of break on the FRC-building grind. The grind doesn't stop and we don't waste ANY days. We all got up early at 6 in the morning to attend the Kickoff at ViaSat and it was STRUGGLE. Though, we did enjoy watching the game reveal video presented by FIRST founders Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers.

iAfter that, we went to North Trade Tech High to gingerly read the manual with other San Diego teams. When we finished reading, we came to the conclusion that there weren't any big changes compared to last year. Trade Tech Hi provided a lot for us and we are very gracious for their professionalism.

Days after, our meetings were held at some of the student's houses throughout the whole day, massive thank you to the McGalliard's and the Pack's for hosting us <3. The team discussed all sorts of things. The technical team continued to analyze the game manual and all of the little rules of FIRST Power Up in a 130 page booklet. How fun. The Social Media and Marketing team focused on polishing the website, designing and buy shirts, and pit plans! I believe our pit is going to look poppin' this year because we all love the old school arcade theme because it makes us feel very nostalgic.

The first week of FRC wasn't too bad because we learned a lot in comparison to last year. Last year, we hardly looked at the game manual and we did not know any of the rules. That soon later gave us a red card in of the matches at Del Mar Competitions, BUT we all learn from our mistakes and we will see nothing but green lights in our future.


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